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After breakfast things get a little chaotic, with various contestants trying to help out by cleaning things up and then getting mad at each other when someone else has the same idea - if they fight over Fenris as much as they do the dishes, it might get interesting. In what might be an effort to lighten the mood, Eirian takes the lute into the kitchen to serenade everyone while Abigail decides that now’s a good time to practice her magic as well. Brainy, the android on loan from elsewhere to help out with the cooking and whatnot (because the idea of Flemeth cooking for everyone is terrifying), probably hates his life even more right now.

Fenris attempted to retreat the basement again in the chaos, likely hoping for some peace and quiet (or to figure out why there are butterflies down there), but was thwarted when Abigail stopped blatantly showing off her magic to everyone (a few of whom are mages as well) and went down to talk to him as well, coaxing him back upstairs to talk with the three remaining contestants.

All in all, it went pretty well, with Fenris meeting each of the contestants properly and hitting it off with most of them. Saca, however, still seems to be the most problematic one in the house, picking more fights than anything else.


Eirian next gets to chat with the unwilling bachelor again, though since they did speak the day before, the conversation is more about when breakfast might be ready, since at least the food is good (and also not handled by anyone in the challenge since that might end badly). Apparently this lingers a bit in Fenris’ mind since it’s all he can think about while chatting with Lyre, though they still manage to spark some mutual interest all the same.

Eirian also notes that many of the other contestants are easy on the eyes as well, even if they seem to have a little difficulty with chairs at times…

Fenris also chats with both Tahren and Nandini before they head off for the queue stomping and rage that is trying to get breakfast in this house, since even with multiple dishes out, everyone seems to want the same ones.


It’s Day 2 and Fenris rises early to return to staring out the window, admiring what is admittedly a lovely view of the lake. However as much as he might hope that he can just spend his time window-gazing and avoiding everyone again, I’ve other plans in mind. Today’s plan is for everyone to meet him and have at least one conversation with him, hopefully prompting them to continue doing so later.

Kaleb is first up out of the contestants, so he heads downstairs to the main room to strike up a conversation. Apparently he’s not a fan of beating around the bush, as it were, so gets straight to the point about why they’re all there. Fenris, surprisingly since he hates commitment, responds quite well to the opener… then immediately starts ranting about being an escaped slave. Maybe it’s not such a great response to the idea of marriage after all.

Jack’s hair from Mass Effect 3

Yay I finally finished and uploaded something! *cough* I mean; this is Jack’s hair from Mass Effect 3, converted and uploaded at the request of thecnih! It’s a hat hair due to the recolourable hairband, so it will appear in the hat category and is for female sims ages Teens to Adult, though I may do a male version if asked nicely XD

Otherwise it doesn’t feature her trademark tattoos, though I may do another version with them on the scalp later. For now though I thought people would likely get more use out of this tattoo-less version.

Credit goes to Bioware for the awesome game and hard work in making the original models and Nightfable for converting the model to XNALara. Retextures are welcome, though please include a link to this post as well as credit for the conversion.

Hope you all enjoy the hair and let me know if there are any issues! :D



In the fifth installation, the series will be renamed Cullen Age. Or we learn that his surname is Dragon and that he was the main character all along. 

veolu sent:

What would Celik's reaction be to meeting other Amell siblings? (Since apparently Revka had several kids)


He wouldn’t be opposed to meeting them, but he wouldn’t really see them as family. To him, family is the people he grew up with at the Circle Tower - his friends among the apprentices, his instructors, even some of the Templars.



New addition to Dragon Age Shelf :D


no, fenris, heart is that shape hawke has on his underwear

My flight leader tries ok :(