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murfeelee replied to your post “Bone assignments on fingers are the absolute worst. I swear I can…”

Amen. It’s like advanced Einsteinian calculus, dealing with those freaking things. >_<

IT REALLY IS. Every time I think I’ve got a mesh down and worked out it’s always the fingers which turn out to be messed up and ruin everything else. Can’t just leave them off either, or at least not without them looking weird, unfortunately.

Bone assignments on fingers are the absolute worst. I swear I can never, ever get them right.


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depends what you want to do. Bone assignments are still difficult

I *think* I saw something similar to what I have in mind done by someone else, though if bone assignments are still a pain it might have to be a case of exporting meshes and tweaking it to match what I have in mind that way, instead of cheating a bit with an extracted mesh. :|a

That attraction system is so messed up. My Sims get the attraction hearts from mummies right before they’re pummeled.

omg that’s amazing. I mostly get this, move someone in for a photoshoot, several people on the lot go WOW YOU’RE SUPER HOT. I imagine it’s things like “we have one trait/a star sign/a favourite something in common, SOUL MATES”.

ALSO I need to see how much further Sims 4 modding has gotten while I’ve been gone. I has some ideas that might be workable…

My photoshoot lot almost always ends up with awkward things like this. (He previously also hit on Flemeth…)

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…I think I’m gonna end up releasing this stupid mesh mostly unfinished because the moment I fix the issues it breaks harder

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  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
  • Favorite line
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  • OTP
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  • Head Canon
  • Unpopular opinion
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
  • My nickname for them

I am going to finish this essay, get through this horrible, terrible week of work, and then post ALL THE UPDATES.