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Anonymous sent:

All you wip look so tasty, any chance anything will be released soon?

Yep! Finishing up a few things over the next couple of days, then I’ll hopefully be putting up some things. ;)

lyriumspirit sent:

Hello, I'm having problems with your Qunari horns. Whenever I put them on my Sims and switch from a different outfit and back to the one where they are wearing the horns, they are gone and replaced with a completely different item. Same goes for putting the horns on without switched back to a previous outfit and then going into the game. I don't know if this problem has occurred to anyone else or if there is a way to fix it. But if you know anything at all, I would appreciate the help. Thank you

That’s a really weird effect tbh. I’ve not heard of anyone else having that problem, nor does it behave that way in my game. I hope it’s okay that I publish this answer so that anyone else who might know something about it could jump in with some info?

I know in my own game at least, putting my accessories on and then switching between outfits or going into game doesn’t remove them (I jumped around categories quite a bit when I made the models), so I’m not sure if it’s a conflict with something somewhere and if I can do anything that might help if it’s a problem that others have noticed as well.

Anonymous sent:

Urgh, those boots, urgh *dies happily* Are you still gonna add Isabella's arm bracer stuff, or maybe make them as an accessory?

I will definitely look into adding them, possibly doing a with and without if people like that idea? Her outfit was something I whipped together mostly for my own story usage to start with, just a ‘something that won’t take too long (I did it in a day, which is fast for me okok) and will make me feel happy’.

I’m pleased with the boots though. They hold up well in game despite my concerns about the textures.

campraeden replied to your post “peacemaker-ic replied to your post:/flips all the morphs do you use…”


Yeah it’s kinda interesting, I’ll give it that. Pretty sure I’ve figured it out though so I’ll give it another run after work.

murfeelee replied to your post “/flips all the morphs”

USE THE FRIKKIN *MESH TOOLKIT* AT MTS! Morphs shmorphs! 1 click and you’re morphed to the gods!

You didn’t actually see my response as to how it wasn’t working for me, did you?

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do you use meshtoolkit ot make the basic morphs then tweak in Milkshape, or do you make from scratch?

I do them from scratch, since every time I’ve tried the toolkit, it looks like someone caused a supernova in the middle of my sim’s navel or something.

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/flips all the morphs

These things are the number 1 reason I lag on releasing clothing. My thoughts literally go “Yay I got it to look awesome and perfect and be UVed non-shittily and… oh fuck now I have to make the morphs.”

thecnih replied to your post “Are you planning to post more content? I could really use items for Fenris, Merrill, Isabela and Marian Hawke. If not I understand, and look forward for whatever you decided to put up anyway! :3”

omg u talking dirty to me wtih dem pics and words of them clothes (sweats profusely—whale noises heard in background)

Erryone want dis Bela