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The Sims 4: Order Cancellations by Origin


Many players are reporting that their Sims 4 Pre-Orders are being cancelled by Origin, and they are being locked out of pre-load. Origin is also cancelling these orders after charging customers’ credit/debit cards. If you have pre-ordered The Sims 4 via Origin, it would be  a good idea to check your Order Status.

EA_Ursula has posted the following regarding the issue:

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It’s said that 90% of people will see the same word first. Don’t cheat! Type the first 3 words you see in the comments and then look and see what everyone else saw!

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here are some actual reasonable ways to dislike Anora that aren’t misogynist:

  • you do not like ambitious characters, and that part of her rubbed you the wrong way—perhaps you also sided against Bhelen, or you distrust Eamon’s machinations to put Alistair on the throne, too….

I cannot like this post enough

Still stupidly proud of this okok

…wow I’m just now getting notifs that people have mentioned me in posts up to two weeks ago. wtf, I thought only plurk was this bad on the notif front.

Uh, apologies if I’ve missed anything! It’s entirely possible I never got a message about it.


Before anyone says it, I know that this is the New 52 style costume and that the Flash in current continuity is Barry Allen. But I really don’t like Barry and Wally was my favourite Flash, so when I put this all together, I made it him instead.

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Anonymous sent:

Hey, I love your conversions, it's so cool to have this kind of stuff for sims. Do you know other people making conversions? I can't seem to find anyone doing this for fable 3, which seems odd, considering how nice those outfits are, and how many other games have had stuff converted.

I’m afraid that I don’t really know many other simmers who convert content from other games, anon. And the one or two I have seen don’t convert from that game either. However it’s not necessarily that odd, as there’s more to it than what looks good or what people want to (although those are factors). We’re also limited by how possible it is for the models to be extracted from the original game (some games have measures in place preventing it, for example) and the format that the meshes are in. For example, Dragon Age uses a .mesh format which needs an unofficial script to allow programs like Blender to open them, and certain models are encoded to make extraction more difficult. So if no one had investigated how to get the DA meshes out of the game and into other programs, I wouldn’t have been able to convert them either.

Now I don’t know if that’s the case with Fable 3 and that’s why there aren’t any meshes available, since I don’t own the game or have the time to investigate it myself, but I image the difficulty contributes to why there’s no sims conversions around at the very least. If there aren’t any tools for it already, I imagine that few simmers would also know enough to write scripts to allow the game models to be loaded into other programs.

Before anyone says it, I know that this is the New 52 style costume and that the Flash in current continuity is Barry Allen. But I really don’t like Barry and Wally was my favourite Flash, so when I put this all together, I made it him instead.


There’s a long moment when everything’s just silent after that light show, and then sounds slowly start filtering in through my window - sirens, peoples’ voices outside somewhere sounding confused and concerned. Then the lights start to flicker back on across the city and finally give a dim glow to my room too.

And there it is, sprawled on my bed like before, but there’s something different this time. It’s not a heartbeat or a rise and fall like breathing or anything, but there’s still a feeling that its more alive now than it was before.

I’m still debating how bad an idea it is to move or not when the robot sits up in a sudden movement and… fuck, it’s eyes are glowing too, which seems like the exact opposite of good. Like “kill everyone mode activate” levels of bad.

If I’m fast, I can probably make it out of the window. The fire escape isn’t far, I’ll probably make it okay. I hope.