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I would give a rose from Lothering for a Keep code! Does anyone have an extra Keep code for me perchance?

This, seriously.


It must show in my face, because now the robot is rolling its eyes at me like I’m the idiot here, and folds its arms while glaring at me.

"I scanned you when I woke up. You don’t have a heartbeat, your body temperature is lower than human average, and your cuspids are elongated. I can make some guesses about what it all might mean together, but you’re definitely not human either. So if you have to be human to be a person, then we’re both not.”

I keep staring for a moment, shocked that it could tell all that so easily, weirded out still that it sounds so alive while doing so. Not just alive either. It sounds like the little robot has an attitude and I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that didn’t want to smack it upside the head.

Judging ‘bot is judging. Also massive amounts of shifts this week (we are sooo short staffed it’s horrible) so my updates are going to be really sporadic and probably just story and bc things.


kupocygirl replied to your photoset “I feel like this discussion was full of tmi :|”

O3O So you gonna try to create for ts4??

I did create a couple of small things, yes, but afaik it’s still not possible to import entirely new meshes into the game. (although if someone knows otherwise and can point me towards the info on it, that would be nice)

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Sorry about that. I decided to do that partly in part because people felt weird calling me tswwn and partly because I do more than promote my site here now.

ffft, you don’t have to apologise for wanting a change of name. It mostly amused me as I had half a second of “do I know that name?” when it popped up in my inbox :p

jorgha-haq replied to your photoset “I feel like this discussion was full of tmi :|”

You and me both

Haha, the new name threw me off for a moment. But yes, not sure I would want to know what the actual conversation was.

I feel like this discussion was full of tmi :|

when the dumb joke post that took me literally five minutes to make is 100 times more popular than anything else I’ve ever posted T___T