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Look, I really want a How to Train Your Dragon (Age) AU. Partially because hell yeah don’t act like that wouldn’t be awesome

But mostly because imagine Varric trailing behind everyone else grumpily riding one of these weirdos


Considering my HTTYD kick lately, I cannot like this idea enough

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go to sleep

Nah, it’s almost 8am, why would I want to do that?

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Are you male or female?

I think it’s telling that I studied sociology and english lit in uni that my immediate response to this question is a massive internal essay on the concepts of gender in our society and the inherent implications of the phrasing of the question (as opposed to something like “Do you have a gender you prefer to be identified as?” which allows room for answers like ‘neither’, ‘both’, or others without suggesting a need to be firmly rooted in one option or another).

But I also hope that on tumblr a number of people are at least passingly familiar with concepts of gender being less concrete than society may suggest, nor do I mean to suggest that anon needs to be read the riot act for a simple question. Just that I find these sorts of discussions fascinating and that I have, perhaps, been studying a little heavily these past few days which has resulted in a bias towards those discussions in my mind.

So, with the ramblings of my internal dialogue out of the way, I’ll just say that I identify as cis female, in that my gender identity and physical sex coincide.

Sitting outside work and listening to music that just makes me want to write and do sims things but I cannnn’t. Even when I get home I have an assessment to finish first ;;

@thecnih: it’s cool, I found a HQ model somewhere and I’ve just been terribly absentminded on it T___T entirely my own doing


roooooooooooooooose!!! …wait, that’s wrong.

A thing I found and forgot I hadn’t finished properly asdflkj

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I can't even remember how I stumbled onto you're blog, but the first thing I thought was, "WHAT AN AMAZING URL!" and the second was, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!" (And yes, in my mind those thoughts were in all caps. :P) Your Dragon Age sims are pure quality, and so are your downloads. You inspire me to merge my love of Sims with my love of Dragon Age. So thank you! <3
vinhallen sent:

I'm constantly amazed how wonderful your Sims look. On more then one occasion I actually did a double take, because I thought your Anders and Jowan are photoshopped from gameplay screens. Much, much love for all your hard work and all you do!
thecnih sent:

that you are amazingly patient, talented and understated within our community. You're own of those blogs (like me) that isn't so mainstream, but the quality, effort and edge you bring makes following simblrs like yours so worth it. You do inspire <3.